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Welcome to Visibility Point.  We're a team of highly creative, entrepreneurial, tech-savvy folks who have made a career in digital marketing because we care about four things:

  1. 1
    the health of our local community and economy
  2. 2
    shining a light on local products, services, and unsung heroes
  3. 3
    effective story-telling through video
  4. 4
    using digital tools to make life easier

We feel joyful when we contribute to others' success.  That's why we provide two primary services here:

1. Digital Marketing Education

We are a small firm and there is plenty of business to go around.  We enjoy publishing tools and information to help our community.  

We publish regularly to help local business owners understand digital tools for marketing, how these can dramatically improve business, and how the rules of search engine optimization (SEO) operate, directing much of the flow of web traffic.  When you know the rules, you can make them work for you.  When you sign up for a free course, you'll get a login that allows you access to both the featured course PLUS all other free course content on our site.  Small business owners can learn a lot from our courses, enough to take away principles and tips to immediately enhance their online presence!

When we talk with local businesses, the three biggest hurdles they identify causing their delay in using digital marketing are not finding the right consultant to partner with, not being sure of the results they can expect, and feeling unsure/ unable to evaluate a proposal for services from a tech or creative firm because the skills are so different from their expertise. In our current, featured free course, we build your understanding of this work, provide training and tips for what makes great local business marketing, and we offer important heads-up information to help you find the right consultant. We share what to look for when you select an SEO professional, web designer, or videographer. We'll summarize the hallmarks of quality and expertise in digital marketing, so you can identify when you have a good opportunity for partnership before you.

Introduction to Local SEO and

Google My Business

Video #1 introduces you to the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and why it matters for your business. You will learn the basics of what drives SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how search engines rank webpages based on keywords. Learn Google My Business (GMB) essentials to help your company rank within the Google search engine. This video comes with DIY tips you can put into action right away, advice for working with a consultant, and information on Visibility Point's services in this area.

Local Service Ads, Adwords, and Google Map 3-pack.

Video #2 introduces you to the many choices in Google's paid and free ad platform. Local Service Ads (LSA) is Google's latest launch to help local businesses generate leads, and it is a highly effective tool for local business today. Google Adwords is their longstanding advertising system.  With fewer restrictions, these can generate web traffic in a hurry.  Learn about Google Map's 3-pack and how to rank your business as quickly as possible. The course comes with DIY tips, advice for working with a consultant, and information on Visibility Point's services in this area.

Keyword Research, Silo Structure, Backlinks, and Citations.

Video #3 will teach you how to research keywords relevant to your business to learn what is already in high-demand using a simple tool.  Once research is completed, you'll learn how to structure your website accordingly, for better search engine ranking.  Learn what domain authority (DA) scores are and how to link relevant sites to your own website.  Learn the difference between backlinks and citations and how the right NAP (Name, Address, Phone) format is critical to your website's success. More DIY tips are included, as well as advice for hiring a consultant and options for Visibility Point's services in this area.

'Direct Response' Videos and YouTube Optimization.

The final free video in this 4-part course covers how to produce video content that engages the audience with a Call to Action, converting more of those who see your video into customers. You'll learn how to optimize the video for YouTube and how to use video to improve search engine results. Again, we'll offer the info you need to do-it-yourself, but we'll also let you know how to select a good marketing videographer and what its like to work with one. Visibility Point offers excellent video production services, so we'll link a couple of video samples to help illustrate the concepts we cover in the course and share information about how to work with us!

2. Digital Marketing Services

We also develop customized contracts with local businesses for digital marketing services with local, organic SEO service (search engine optimization), web design, reputation management (for businesses subject to reviews), and high quality video production services.  We offer levels of service from training/consulting your marketing department with a workshop or hourly support, all the way to full-service outsourced marketing, with a menu of services to match your priorities and goals.  

Learn how to be one of the first links on the search engine results page for your industry, and work with us to drive improved results through value-based marketing and partnership for content generation.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your marketing goals and learn how to create digital assets in your content online.  We'll analyze your current site (if you have one), and you'll learn about resonant messaging and digital marketing strategies for attracting new clients.

What Business Owners are Saying:

George has been one of the best "go-to" guys for video marketing.  He has done many of our videos and they've always been compelling and professional.

Jared B. - CEO, Exuro Medical & ApolloDx

If you need video and web marketing work, look no further than Visibility Point.  George has helped me launch my real estate career with the best marketing videos and website design I could possibly ask for.

Lindsay R. - Realtor and Entrepreneur

There's one person I know who has both the gift of story telling and also technical SEO know-how for videos.   George is the person I've relied on for years.

Drew W. - Internet Security Professional

I've said this many times before, Visibility Point knows how to make the best videos for business.  If you're looking to hire someone for corporate video marketing, look no further than George David. 

Jon S. - SEO Analytics Consultant

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Local businesses can dramatically increase sales/clients with smart use of digital marketing. Knowing the rules of search engine optimization (SEO), you can make them work for you.  When you sign up for our featured 4-part course, you'll get a login that allows you access to this course, PLUS all other free course content on our site.  

It's time to go digital!  Learn how today!

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