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Visibility Point is a digital marketing company that helps local businesses generate leads through organic SEO campaigns, conversion optimized websites, and direct response videos.

My name is George David and I'm the founder of Visibility Point, a digital marketing start-up based in beautiful Northern California.   I'm also the creator of the free course on this website that teaches SEO and basic Google marketing to local business owners.  Feel free to send me feedback if you have comments after taking the course!

I was introduced to computer programming at an early age and pursued Computer Science during my college years.  I've kept myself abreast in the evolving tech landscape through Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Novell, Cisco & Google certifications.  My experience has varied from being the systems administrator for a multi-billion dollar company and I've also worked for small web development corporations.  

My partner, Ruthie Dutton, has been in the education field as founder, CEO, consultant of start up Charter schools.  She has worked extensively in the media world and have held positions as web designer, creative director, and SEO specialist in 3 different start-up companies.  All 3 have either been sold successfully or are still in business today.  

With deep experience in I.T., education, and marketing, we've discovered together that the most effective use of our combined talents is to help small to medium size businesses have well rounded digital marketing strategies.  

Feel free to use the free SEO Analyzer and sign up for the 'SEO for Local Business' course below.

SEO for Local Business Owners

(Free 4-Part Online Course)

Before you hire an SEO professional, web designer, or videographer, you need to understand the fundamental concepts of local business digital marketing.

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