Optimizing SEO for Your Local Business

Optimizing SEO for Your Local Business

If you’re looking for ways to draw new customers to your business, you’ve likely come across a three-letter acronym: SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to a marketing technique that helps to drive traffic to a particular website. After all, if a potential client can’t find your website, how will they know that your product or service exists? And often, what’s even more important if you want to drive SEO for a local business is what’s called “local SEO” (creative name, right?). In this blog, you’ll learn why local SEO is most important, how to optimize your local SEO using some basic techniques, and how Google My Business can benefit you in this process.

Local SEO 101

For only being about 21 years old, you’ve got to hand it to Google for being pretty smart. The search engine not only finds billion of hits for each query, but it optimizes these hits so that you find the most relevant information. As a result, if Google believes that you’re searching with “local intent” – meaning that you want to find a product or service that is near you – then they’ll put that information at the top of your hits. This information becomes crucial for companies that are attempting to market online.

Local SEO enables a customer to find a product or service where they’re looking for it when they’re looking for it. For instance, if you’re in Manhattan and need a tailor, your search results will bring up tailors in your area rather than tailors in Chicago or Los Angeles.

How to optimize your local SEO

Optimize your homepage. Make sure your website page is clear on who you are, where you’re located, and what you do. It should be easy for everyone (Google included!) to read this information.

Prioritize reviews. Did you know that 8 out of 10 people trust a review from a stranger as much as they do a recommendation from a friend or family member? If your testimonials from your past clients are poor, you’ll be hard fit to find new customers. Your prominence with your customers matters!

Try localizing your website. You want to highlight your city, region or county on your website so that you seem as local as you are. Get involved in community events, write blogs about your area that pertain to your website or create separate pages for your website if you have different locations of the same service.

Claim your Google My Business (GMB) page. This is essential for your local SEO, so don’t wait when it comes to filling in all the content on your GMB page. Read more about how to do it in the next section!

How Google My Business can benefit you

Google My Business is your business profile on the search engine. When someone searches your business’s name, this is where all the information pops up. It has all the essential information for your business (services, contact details, business description, opening times, reviews, and more). Ensuring that you stay updated on GMB is one of the greatest ways that you can feed your local SEO! It’s invaluable for your customers to be able to find useful information about you quickly. Whichever business they can find accurate information on quickly is likely to be the one that they use.

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